Jarun Event

On October 2, the Joint Protective and Rescue Exercise “Jarun.” was held at Jarun, organized and at the instigation of the Croatian Red Cross. The purpose of the exercise was to show the coordination and interconnection of all assistance and protection services to citizens in special situations. At the same time, the current possibility of interventions by individual services was wanted, as well as the measures that needed to be taken to increase effectiveness in large-scale accidents.

A large number of participants, as well as spectators, characterized this exercise: the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, the Mountain Rescue Service, the Croatian Fire-Fighting Community, the City of Zagreb Fire-Fighting Community, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Croatian Red Cross. The German Red Cross units also joined the enlisted participants. This exercise was carried out at the moment when the Government of the Republic of Croatia submits to the Parliament a Bill on Protection and Rescue that will regulate the tasks of the services in the country responsible for the protection of large-scale population disasters.

Some members of our Club who train in the rescue training group have participated here as members of the Civil Protection for the purpose of displaying searches buried in the rubble. The markers were Bruna Kukec, Miho Karoly and Zvonko Šeb, and dogs were worked by Mirela Bosnar with Gunn, Sara Mareković with Cap and Tibor Lugar with Mav. Ana Viller has been a commentator on the work of our dogs.

The Jarun area behind the rowing track was transformed into a huge headquarters of all services: the innumerable tents erected for this purpose were impressively whitewashed on the green surface, with crowded spectators around them. One of the tents also had a specific purpose: it served as a makeup studio attended by markers and other participants in the exercise. It was a bit unusual to see participants enter a tent normally dressed and healthy looking to leave a little later with “broken bones, bloody wounds, scratches, fainting and in shock”. That the makeup artists did a great job is evidenced by this picture where our markers are prepared to show the victims in the rubble: Miho with just a torn arm, Bruna in total shock and Zvonko, also in shock and with a good bruise on her face and eye. Alongside the tents were rows of cool dog houses and modern dog crate built and showcased specifically for the event.

In fact, it was a bit like the situation on a movie set where a disaster movie was just being made: there was a script and an artificial ruin, the actors were walking around friscoed with minor or major injuries, someone was just about to save them, the ambulance teams were in standby, firefighters and the Red Cross also, all led by a safe directing arm.

For the occasion, an artificial rubble was made in the middle of the large lawn made of stones, bricks, pipes, concrete blocks, wire and wooden structures. Next to the ruin rose a huge tower that “played” a high house from which the GSS rescued people by transporting them from the top of the tower in special stretchers to the base. GSS also demonstrated the transfer of dogs from the same height. Indeed, the organizer deserved a big five for such a tremendous effort in organizing and bringing in so much material needed for this exercise.

At about 11 o’clock, the moment came for our “trio” to show off their art of searching buried in the rubble. The first was Tibor with Mav. Very soon after he went in search, Mav located the “injured” under a single platform. He boldly stepped under the platform and barked the final signal to Tibor about his invention.

As this exercise simulated the right situation, every guide whose dog found “injured” was required to see if everything was OK with him and to call an ambulance team in the event of an injury. The bell, which was in a state of shock, was provided with emergency medical attention on the spot.

Sara and Cap went in search of a second. Cap immediately realized that there were some human scents near the top of the ruin and concentrated on finding the right spot. He soon warned Sarah with a loud bark that the “injured” was trapped in the hole below him.
Bruni, who was also in a state of shock, was immediately given medical attention.

After Sarah, Mirela and Gunn headed for the ruin. After a quick check of the rubble, Gunna paused in front of the pipe with the clogged inlet and excitedly barked to announce her discovery.
Miho, trapped in a tube, had a severe open arm injury and was immediately carried on an stretcher to an ambulance.

The Mountain Rescue Service brilliantly demonstrated rescue from the top of the rubble in a stretcher carrying the “injured”, and then, in a specially made dog carrier carried on the back, several GSSs descended with dogs from the rubble peak.

After the ruin, Tibor and Mav showed him rescuing drowners from the water. The “injured” was floating on the surface of the lake, and Mav, leaping into the water, swam fully towards him and pulled him safely to shore, causing a roar of applause from all present.

The whole exercise was eventually spiced up by beans that were enjoyed uninterruptedly by all the participants in the exercise.