FIFe Feline Federation Of Greece

Santorini Cat. Background: view on Firostefani. Santorini island (Thira), Greece.

When I visited Greece in 1991, I was saddened by the situation with pets at the time. Rarely could a racial dog be seen on the street, not to mention cats. Cats were useful and desirable only in homes where there were mice, both in the yard and on fields for the same purpose. With the incorporation of the Greek community into the European community and the greater influx of foreigners, dogology and later felinology began to develop slowly, with a center, of course, in Athens.

A small number of enthusiasts founded the Feline Federation of Greece in 1995, having been a member of FIFe under the patronage since 1996, to become an equal member of FIFe in 1999. There are currently about 200 members involved.

So far, 2 International and 6 National Cat Shows have been held in Athens. The cat stock is mostly long-haired (80%), medium-haired cats (7%), short-haired (12%) and Siamese / Oriental (1%). About 150 cats appear on the exhibitions on average, of which the number of domestic and Novice classes is higher. There are 7 kennels reported, 4 with Persian cats, 1 with Maine Coon cats, 1 with Somali and 1 with Russian Blue, Siamese and Oriental cats.

Greek breeders and exhibitors are interested in importing new breeds and new cats from abroad, but because of the isolation and distance, they do not travel to European exhibitions and have no contact with other breeders.

It might be interesting for some top Croatian breeders to visit one of the Greek exhibitions (especially with the Carthusians who do not yet exist in Greece!), And make contacts. Croatian citizens do not need an entry visa to Greece, the cages are small (15 Euro for two cats, 30 Euro for four, etc.), and the price of decent hotels is around 30 Euro. International exhibitions are mostly held in one of the halls of the Holliday-in Hotel, so this is a true paradise for exhibitors and cats, since the cages are 80x80x80 in size, with a disposable container and sand for the cat toilet already prepared.

In the last three years, more intensive imports of cats have started, mainly brought by foreigners living in Greece, Greek students studying abroad, representatives of companies and the like.

The next exhibition is planned in April, on the island of Salamina, an hour away from Athens, and you can get detailed information directly from the Greek Felinology Federation in English or Italian: “